Walmart sued for premises liability

Owners of property are responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe for anyone entering into their buildings. If someone slips and falls and sustains a serious injury, then he or she may have a claim against the property owner for premises liability.

Thousands of people flocked to a Walmart store back in 2010 hoping to score deeply discounted items during a Black Friday event.

However, one bargain-hunter slipped and fell on packaging that was left on the floor of the store in the electronics department, presumably by other shoppers who were in a frenzy for products on sale.

She suffered personal injuries that eventually resulted in her having to have knee surgery.

The woman filed a premises liability lawsuit in state court against the Walmart store, claiming that Walmart and its employees failed to keep the store safe and clean for shoppers. The case is now being moved to federal court.

On the day that the lawsuit was filed, Walmart issued a statement that the safety of its employees and customers is one of their top priorities. They also stated that cleanliness of their stores is a very serious matter.

Was Walmart responsible for the actions of other customers during the Black Friday Sale? How long had the cardboard packaging been on the ground before the woman slipped and fell? Were Walmart employees and management aware of the debris on the floor, and that it could pose a hazard to shoppers?

These are all questions that must be addressed in this premises liability lawsuit against Baker Legal Team.

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