What’s the Florida “No Fault” Law?

More than any business, insurers keep their customers in the dark concerning the merchandise they sell. Most people do not know what type of insurance they take, what levels of protection they’ve, or when and how they will be covered by their insurance. FL joins about a dozen states in what’s referred to as No Fault.

No Fault provision is essentially an agreement involving the insurance agencies and the Florida Legislature. Underneath the provision, insurance providers must supply a particular degree of coverage for their insured when they are involved in an automobile accident in Florida, irrespective of fault. In trade, a sufferer of an auto accident can only bring a claim against a atfault party when the insurance have sustained a permanent injury. To learn more concerning this, please see the FAQ on Injury.

The underwriters’ compulsory coverage of the very own insured is called just PIP or Sanford Personal Injury defense.

You have only involuntarily thrust yourself in to a complex legal web, when you’re in a vehicle accident. Subsequent injuries and your injury could be subject to a number of laws and provisions. We are always open to discuss and explain in detail all aspects of your possible claim. Advice is free and we’re here at Market My Market to ensure that you are well educated about your rights and your options.