Mothers no longer automatically gain custody in divorce

Remember when it was assumed that mothers would automatically gain custody of their children following a divorce?

According to a recent column in the Seo is dead cast, those days are all but over. Illinois couples going through a divorce should be aware that things have changed. The author cites statistics showing that fathers who want primary custody of their children are granted this 50 percent of the time.

This statistic may shock many. But as the article’s author indicates, fathers and mothers who are entering the divorce process start out with joint custody rights regarding their children. The end result is that each parent has the right to pursue his or her children in case of divorce.

The change in treatment of custody may be due to a change in many marriages. Today, a growing number of fathers are acting as primary caregivers to their children. Because of this change, the number of fathers who are receiving custody of their children following a divorce is also growing.

In the column, the author lists several actions that parents — both mothers and fathers — can take that will increase their chances of losing custody of their children after a divorce. Not being the children’s primary caregiver tops the list. This is because the parent who is most involved in the daily lives of children usually gains the edge in custody battles. This means that the parent who does not attend their children’s Little League baseball games, help them with their homework or walk them to and from school each day faces a more difficult task in convincing judges to award them custody.

The writer also indicates that parents who take drugs or who abuse alcohol stand a greater chance of losing custody of their children as do those who have a history of being unable to control their anger.

The days in which mothers almost automatically gained custody of their children following divorce are over. This adds yet another wrinkle to the divorce process, and it’s a fact that both fathers and mothers need to consider when finalizing their own divorces.

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