Georgia law enforcement investigates fatal car accident

After a crash, local law enforcement will investigate the car accident to determine whether one driver was at fault and to sort out what happened. Just recently, a car accident in Monroe County, Georgia, involving three vehicles resulted in one death and two hospitalizations. Authorities are currently investigating the situation.
According to authorities, the man who caused the wreck tried to avoid culpability by fabricating a fourth vehicle. He claimed that the collision with the fourth vehicle caused him to hit a rollback wrecker.
Accounts from the Sheriff’s Department say that the man was following too closely in his truck and was not staying in his lane. He struck a rollback wrecker, driven by a woman who was with another male. The rollback wrecker crashed into another vehicle and both flipped over a rail on the side of the road.
Both of the vehicles burst into flames. In any type of accident, those involved can suffer serious injuries as a result. In this situation, the two who had been in the rollback wrecker sustained several injuries and were hospitalized after the accident. Unfortunately when responders arrived, the woman in the other car did not survive.
As authorities continued their investigation, they found that there was no evidence of a fourth driver. Had the truck driver actually been struck, there would have been some sort of paint transfer where the two vehicles collided. This did not appear to be the case.
While there is no indication that any criminal charges will be pressed against the truck driver, the victims in the crash as well as the family of the woman who was killed may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the truck driver. When an accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, the injured parties can seek compensation for their losses with the help of a margate personal injury attorney marketing.

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