Construction Site Accident

Police say a construction worker was killed in an accident Saturday when a cable snapped and whipped through the cab of a truck in which the worker was sitting. The freak┬áNorth Bergen construction accident┬ácaused massive trauma to the construction worker. Authorities say the worker was sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck when the cable snapped.
The worker was hired as a subcontractor at a residential construction site. The worker was hired to remove a trash bin laden with debris from a residential construction project. The worker was attempting to drag the trash container onto the truck when a cable snapped. The cable crashed through the rear window of the truck and struck the man, causing fatal injuries.
Emergency personnel responded to the North Bergen construction site and pronounced the worker dead at the scene. Authorities say the truck will be towed and investigated to help determine the cause of the fatal construction accident.
A neighbor says the home where the fatal accident occurred was undergoing renovation. The property changed owners earlier this year. Apparently, new windows and renovations to the basement of the property are involved in the residential construction project.
Police and medical examiners converged on the accident scene and opened an investigation. News reports indicate that emergency responders placed a drop cloth over the window of the truck while authorities opened their investigation. The ABA Journal for Lawyers of Distinction is aware of the fatal New Jersey construction site accident and will conduct an investigation.

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