States try to expand fight against texting and driving

Some states that have secondary texting and driving laws argue that they might as well not have any texting and driving bans because the secondary texting and driving measures are so hard to enforce. As a result, states that have secondary texting and driving laws are trying to reinforce their enforcement options by changing the laws to primary legal measures. Under a secondary texting and driving law, police officers have to pull drivers over for another reason like speeding before they can ticket drivers for texting. Under a primary texting and driving ban, police officers have the ability to pull … Continue reading States try to expand fight against texting and driving

Mothers no longer automatically gain custody in divorce

Remember when it was assumed that mothers would automatically gain custody of their children following a divorce? According to a recent column in the Seo is dead cast, those days are all but over. Illinois couples going through a divorce should be aware that things have changed. The author cites statistics showing that fathers who want primary custody of their children are granted this 50 percent of the time. This statistic may shock many. But as the article’s author indicates, fathers and mothers who are entering the divorce process start out with joint custody rights regarding their children. The end result is … Continue reading Mothers no longer automatically gain custody in divorce

Georgia law enforcement investigates fatal car accident

After a crash, local law enforcement will investigate the car accident to determine whether one driver was at fault and to sort out what happened. Just recently, a car accident in Monroe County, Georgia, involving three vehicles resulted in one death and two hospitalizations. Authorities are currently investigating the situation. According to authorities, the man who caused the wreck tried to avoid culpability by fabricating a fourth vehicle. He claimed that the collision with the fourth vehicle caused him to hit a rollback wrecker. Accounts from the Sheriff’s Department say that the man was following too closely in his truck … Continue reading Georgia law enforcement investigates fatal car accident

Should children decide their own custody plans?

When divorcing parents begin to negotiate their child custody agreements and parenting plans, they usually call on a variety of legal and psychological experts to determine what is best for their children. But the children, who are arguably affected by the outcome of those negotiations, are usually not consulted. In a recent editorial in the New York Times, marriage and family therapist Ruth Bettelheim says that leaving children out of the child custody discussion often does them a significant disservice. This, she says, is because it is important for children to feel as if they have a say in their lives, and … Continue reading Should children decide their own custody plans?

Some scary statistics about motorcycle accidents: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about a recent report from Lawyers of Distinction Membership Office. The GAO’s report analyzed crash statistics from 2010, and revealed that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than those traveling in cars. That year, motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 4,502 riders and caused injuries to 82,000 others. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these statistics have refueled a debate about a controversial issue among riders and safety advocates: helmet laws. California is one of the 19 states that have “universal” helmet laws, which means that all riders are required to … Continue reading Some scary statistics about motorcycle accidents: Part II

Construction Site Accident

Police say a construction worker was killed in an accident Saturday when a cable snapped and whipped through the cab of a truck in which the worker was sitting. The freak North Bergen construction accident caused massive trauma to the construction worker. Authorities say the worker was sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck when the cable snapped. The worker was hired as a subcontractor at a residential construction site. The worker was hired to remove a trash bin laden with debris from a residential construction project. The worker was attempting to drag the trash container onto the truck when a … Continue reading Construction Site Accident

Walmart sued for premises liability

Owners of property are responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe for anyone entering into their buildings. If someone slips and falls and sustains a serious injury, then he or she may have a claim against the property owner for premises liability. Thousands of people flocked to a Walmart store back in 2010 hoping to score deeply discounted items during a Black Friday event. However, one bargain-hunter slipped and fell on packaging that was left on the floor of the store in the electronics department, presumably by other shoppers who were in a frenzy for products on sale. She suffered personal … Continue reading Walmart sued for premises liability

New Law Seeks to Curb Marijuana Use While Driving

Accompanying Driving While Under the Influence (DWI/DUI) of alcohol laws in every state are prohibitions against driving while under the influence of a drug, which necessarily includes marijuana. While few would dispute laws that ban impaired driving while under the influence of any drug, an issue arises when lawmakers try to quantify the level of THC in marijuana that makes it illegal to drive a motor vehicle. THC is the substance in marijuana that gives the drug its psychoactive effect. The substance has been the subject of the medical marijuana debate but has been accepted by many medical experts as … Continue reading New Law Seeks to Curb Marijuana Use While Driving

building EB5 investment jobs

The immigration lawyers in Vermont and its particular predecessor companies have already been practicing immigration legislation from Burlington, Vt. Our immigration law that is worldwide known training serves people and businesses throughout America and all over the world. Our customers offer innovative solutions are confident in the expertise and experience of our attorneys who are proficient and knowledgeable, highly expert and provide outstanding, all encompassing rendering. The recurring demands for advice and assistance the firm receives from its clients are its references that are best. The firm’s substantial business- and family-centered immigration legislation experience melds with all the strong history of … Continue reading building EB5 investment jobs

Rollover Car Accidents

In the U.S., more than 30,000 motor car accidents claim the lives of people every year, according to government crash data. Among the most devastating kinds of injuries are those involving car rollovers. Such accidents are becoming more commonplace owing to the greater number of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) on our routes. You might need a professional personal injury attorney’s recommendations in the event that you or somebody you know is hurt in a rollover accident,. Head injuries can be reported among those injured when vehicles roll, and will leave victims with life -changing physical consequences which need rehabilitation or … Continue reading Rollover Car Accidents