Rollover Car Accidents

In the U.S., more than 30,000 motor car accidents claim the lives of people every year, according to government crash data. Among the most devastating kinds of injuries are those involving car rollovers. Such accidents are becoming more commonplace owing to the greater number of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) on our routes. You might need a professional personal injury attorney’s recommendations in the event that you or somebody you know is hurt in a rollover accident,. Head injuries can be reported among those injured when vehicles roll, and will leave victims with life -changing physical consequences which need rehabilitation or … Continue reading Rollover Car Accidents

What’s the Florida “No Fault” Law?

More than any business, insurers keep their customers in the dark concerning the merchandise they sell. Most people do not know what type of insurance they take, what levels of protection they’ve, or when and how they will be covered by their insurance. FL joins about a dozen states in what’s referred to as No Fault. No Fault provision is essentially an agreement involving the insurance agencies and the Florida Legislature. Underneath the provision, insurance providers must supply a particular degree of coverage for their insured when they are involved in an automobile accident in Florida, irrespective of fault. In … Continue reading What’s the Florida “No Fault” Law?